NYC Leader Informaion


We have put together a few documents and spreadsheets from several of our GB student ministries that can help you organize and promote NYC with your students. Change the info to fit your church and be sure to include any additional information you want to get out to your students
We have also included NYC logos and promotional images for some of the personalities who will be at NYC this year. Feel free to include the logos/images on your student Facebook page or use on information you send out to your students.

Download all 2018 Help Documents
2018 NYC Help Docs .zip  7MB


Download these graphics to use in your promotional materials and on your social media outlets. Photoshop files are provided but are large downloads. Call Todd at 573-785-7746 if you need assistance.

Reflect .jpg 16 MB
Reflect .psd 16 MB
Reflect Header .jpg
Reflect Header .psd 20 MB
Reflect Social .jpg
Reflect Social .psd 8 MB
Reflect no Text .jpg
NYC Instagram LOGO .jpeg
NYC no text Transparent .png
NYC no text .jpeg
NYC LOGO .jpeg



Download these pictures of our programming talent to help with your promotions. Be sure to use on your student Facebook page and other social media outlets!

Jason Jordan 1 .jpeg
Jason Jordan 2 .jpeg
Jason Jordan 3 .jpeg

Jeff Roth 1 .jpeg
Jeff Roth 1BW .jpeg
Jeff Roth 2 .png
Jeff Roth Dapper .png
Jeff and Alicia Roth .png

Doug Johnson 1 .jpeg
Doug Johnson 2 .jpeg