Friday & Saturday Late Night Free Time

Friday from 9:00 - 11:30 pm and Saturday from 9:45 - 11:30 pm


c2c2b1ec-7153-48eb-963d-229dbbfa1c1dWe've got a lot of activities lined up this year and we've also made some changes in the schedule.

Many of you have said you wanted to participate in some of the different activities during the free time on Saturday but you were tied up in the volleyball or basketball tournaments. We hear ya and we've moved them around so you can do both!

Oakland City University (OCU) will be hosting both tournaments starting on Friday night during the Late Night Free Time. Volleyball in the large gym and basketball in the new Cottonwood Pavilion. The single elimination games will start about 9:15 pm. The Final Four and Championship games will be held on Saturday night during Late Night Free Time in the large gym starting at 9:45 pm.

The Saturday night games will feature some exciting PLAY-BY-PLAY and COLOR COMMENTARY that is sure to be and activity all in itself! There will be plenty of bleacher space to come and enjoy the games and announcing!

GA-GA BALL - Saturday Afternoon Free Time

Conducted by Cody and Mat - Mat and Cody will organize a great game of Ga-Ga Ball (aka speedball) in the Lake Williamson Ga-Ga pit.

Ga-Ga Ball is a variant of dodgeball that is played with one ball inside a special ring. The game combines dodging, striking, running, and jumping, with the object of being the last person standing. Players hit the ball at each other with their hands, and are eliminated if the ball strikes them on or below the knee.

OPEN PLAY DODGEBALL - Fri & Sat Late Night and Sat Free Time

0af2a683-60f7-466d-bf17-3fa55a7cf590OPEN DODGEBALL - Friday & Saturday Late Night and Saturday afternoon Free Time

Lake Williamson has added a new gym facility just to the west of the activities center. That means there will be more space for fun! It also means we can use the Dodgeball court for open play Black light Dodgeball on Friday and Saturday nights and regular Open Play Dodgeball during the free time on Saturday afternoon.

While we are not having a tournament this year, get a group together to have some dodgeball fun! Keep teams between 6-10 people and we will have the refs to keep the peace and make the calls. Stay tuned for more details.



In addition to the usual activities on Friday and Saturday Late Nights - Lake Williamson is opening the indoor pool! Yes, you can do some late night swimming if you don't want to join in the tournaments, dodgeball, or other activities in the activity center. LWCC will provide the lifeguards so have some fun!

On Saturday afternoon, during our Free Time, the indoor pool will be closed but the lakeside and outdoor pool will all be open. The outdoor pool features a full size swimming pool and diving board. At the beach you can ride the plunge slide down twists and turns, get launched off the famous blob, climb the iceberg, jump on the water trampoline, relax on the sand, go canoeing or ride along on a paddleboat.